Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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7 Important Reasons Why You Should Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Good Oral Hygiene

A number of studies have revealed a possible connection between oral health and an individual’s overall health in general. Just like some areas of the body, your mouth can be a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Fortunately, the body’s natural defence and proper oral care can help dramatically keep the presence of bacteria under control. Aside from contributing to a ... Read More »

How to Find a Right Physiotherapist to Soothe Your Pain?


In the daily life there are a lot of things that we don’t want to compromise in, like Health, life, food, and many such things. We always want the perfect care and so we look for the best food items and the best doctor to take care of our health. Similarly, it is also true with the physiotherapist, you need ... Read More »

5 Tips to Overcome Awkward Social Situations

social awkwardness

Feeling socially awkward is something that everyone goes through once in a while. For some, this is just a matter of getting into a new situation where they don’t feel like they can be themselves. For others, social awkwardness is a lifelong struggle that severely hinders relationships, friendships and just about every other aspect of human interaction. There are a ... Read More »

Eating Smart and Living Well After Foot or Ankle Surgery

Eating Smart and Living Well

I am sure you heard of the expression that you are what you eat. Well it’s no myth. Think of your body as a machine and everything that you eat helps to keep it running. When we digest our food, the body breaks it up into many small molecules that are vital to our survival. The biggest of these are ... Read More »

Skincare: Guide to Having Healthy Skin


Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It goes without saying that it’s important to keep it looking and feeling as healthy as possible. After all, our skin is one of the first things that people notice about us, and it can say a lot about us. You would be surprised how sensitive your skin is to your ... Read More »

3 Ways To Get A Low Cost Foot Massage

Low Cost Foot Massage

When it comes to getting a foot massage you are going to have a limited amount of choices. At first glance you may be surprised with how much it can cost for you to go with a professional solution. For instance, if you were to seek out a consultation from a chiropractor, you may end up having to pay a ... Read More »

The Benefits of Using a Mass Gainer


Have you been disappointed with the results you are getting after every time you hit the gym? You may need to start using supplements to improve your muscle mass and strength. Mass Gainer is a supplement that can help you achieve your goals. Using supplements like Mass Gainer gives you the boost you need to hit your target weight and ... Read More »

Dealing with Cataract: 4 Things You Ought to Know

dealing with cataract

As our eyes age, they can and will develop cataracts. This is simply an age-progressive condition where the eyes become opaque and glassy, resulting in blurred vision. Eventually, this can become debilitating and serious enough to require surgery. During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens of the eye is removed and an artificial one is put in its place. 4 Talking ... Read More »

Natural Remedies for Arthritis Relief


Arthritis is generally of two types – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In osteoarthritis the joint cartilage wears away with one bone rubbing against another causing immense pain. In case of RA there is an inflammation of the  synovial membrane which in turn can lead to loss of the bone. Both these forms of arthritis affect millions of people in America. ... Read More »

Easy To Do Physiotherapy Exercises For Muscle Injuries

Physiotherapy for Muscle Injuries

It is often said that it is great if you know several physiotherapy exercises that one can easily practice in their home, especially if they are suffering from minor muscle injuries. There have been many occasions when I have had experienced pains (both minor and major) and have lamented a lot for not knowing the exercises. But the last time ... Read More »