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‘Barbie Back’ with Dimples: Cosmetic Surgery Trend of the Year 2015

Cosmetic surgery has changed the way we perceive physical beauty in the last 20 years. Men and women alike are not ashamed of going under the knife; on the contrary, they’re proud of doing it if that’s what it takes to look better and feel more attractive. It’s 2015 and the procedures are getting a lot bolder. Some are considered absurd, but that hasn’t stopped cosmetic surgery fans from trying them out. In 2014, we witnessed the materialization of the “Cinderella surgery”. It was a cosmetic intervention that lengthened or shortened the toes; the excess bone was shaved off, as well as the excess fat.

barbie back cosmetic surgery
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What is the “Barbie Back” cosmetic surgery?

The “Barbie Back” cosmetic surgery was invented by a London-based plastic surgeon who claims it will be a huge hit this year. Instead of reshaping the feet and make them fit perfectly in high-heel shoes like in the “Cinderella Surgery”, the “Barbie Back” intervention is meant to sculpt the lower back. The patient will have a beautifully curved back with dimples, similar to a Barbie’s back. Just like any other type of cosmetic intervention, the “Barbie Back” procedure has attracted a lot of disdain; some experts claim it’s completely useless and that you can have back dimples through exercise and weight loss as well.

The creator of the cosmetic surgery procedure argues that it’s not that easy to have a perfect lower back, a la Kim Kardashian. He emphasized that one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body is the lower back. On a global scale, plastic surgery of the butt area has gone mainstream, and increasingly more women want to have such an intervention. In 2014, there were over 10,000 butt procedures in the US, and women are starting to realize that a beautiful buttock goes hand in hand with a perfectly sculpted back.

barbie back
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The dolly back look hopes to become a revolutionary cosmetic procedure

While some people are convinced that the “Barbie Back” intervention is absurd, its creator disagrees. The experienced surgeon argues that the treatment will appeal to women who want to have a beautiful buttock and a nicely sculpted back with dimples. The doctor will remove extra fat on the lower back, thus giving it a beautiful hour glass shape with Vaser technology.

This type of high-tech liposuction technology uses ultrasounds and it’s less intrusive. It demands less downtime, and according to specialists, it’s a ‘walk in/walk out’ treatment that doesn’t require general anesthesia. Throughout the procedure, the surgeon sculpts the lower back and the love handles, thus crafting a V-shape in the lower back, and dimples just like Barbie dolls have.

Perfection is Pricey

Cosmetic surgery is now more popular than ever. Women are not seeing these interventions dangerous anymore, especially because advanced technology makes most procedures seem so painless, even if they’re not. Breast implants, liposuction, Botox, facelifts, and nose jobs are just some of the most common plastic surgeries that people want to have. Sadly for those who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on remodeling their bodies, most interventions don’t come cheap. If Botox injections cost between $400 and $700, breast implants reach $5,000. As for the newest “Barbie Back” cosmetic surgery, women who want to try it out will have to pay about 4,000 for the treatment.

barbie back with dimples
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However, the surgeon who invented the procedure claims that the money spent will be worth it. Every woman wants to have a perfect bikini body; unfortunately, not all of them have enough will and time to transform their physiques at the gym. Turning to plastic surgery is no longer a dreadful, terrifying activity. Modern technology makes most plastic interventions less painful, and the recovery time from the surgery is now incredibly reduced as well.

This 2015, the cosmetic surgery industry promises more revolutionary interventions, meant for both men and women who want to preserve their youth and confidence. The “Barbie Back” and the “Cinderella” procedures are just two; more will emerge pretty soon. What’s amazing is that the industry promises better, faster results and without any pain. Now that’s something every woman wants. Have you ever imagined having breast implants without having to endure the pain that comes after the procedure?

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