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Myriad Of Health Benefits Regular Exercise Provides To Elderly

Exercise is seen as a critical part of your well being; it is something that goes hand in hand with a well balanced, nutritious diet. However, as you age there is a natural deterioration of the joints and muscles in the body. This leads to the question of whether exercise in the over sixty fives should be promoted, or whether there is a point where it is detrimental to health.

Benefits Exercises Provides to Elderly
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In fact, research shows that exercise is beneficial no matter what age you are. It is certainly true that the older you get the longer your body will take to heal and repair itself but this should not stop you from partaking in moderate exercise. There are many health benefits associated with exercising in your later years:

Regular Exercise Gives A Boost To The Immune System

Exercise has been shown to improve the ability of your body to fight off infections and illnesses. The better your immune system the quicker you will recover from any sickness or strenuous exercise. Instead of losing all your energy whilst fighting to recover from something you will find it much easier to recover and get back to a healthy body.


Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the world and is common in older people as arteries have slowly become clogged. Exercise and the right diet can reduce cholesterol and decrease the likelihood of heart disease as well as reducing blood pressure. Low blood pressure is particularly important as if it is too high you are far more likely to suffer a stroke or cardiac problem.

Elderly Health Benefits of Regular Exercise
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Osteoporosis Can Be Prevented If You Work Out

As you age it is normal to lose some of your bone mass, this can lead to brittle bones which are broken easily. When a bone is broken there will almost certainly be mobility and dependency issues which can transform your life completely. Exercise has been shown to protect against this loss of bone mass. Research shows that as you age you can lose up to two percent of your bone mass each year. Strength training is an essential exercise to add into your routine to prevent this from happening. It can even improve the strength of your bones.

Regular Exercises Keep The Stomach In Check

Research has shown that regular exercise assists the body to perform all its functions properly. It is theorized that this is because exercise stimulates every part of your body and ensures everything is working properly. This is particularly true of the intestine; exercise ensures your body efficiently processes all food and drink consumed and eliminates unwanted items. This will help to reduce the risk of internal infections.

Chronic Conditions

There are many chronic illnesses which are associated with aging but research suggests that the likelihood of suffering from any of the following decreases dramatically if you exercise regularly:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Colon Cancer

Decreased Mortality

Everyone ages but exercise can help you to live longer and healthier. A regular exercise routine will make you bones and muscles stronger which will increase your chances of living longer. It will also provide confidence; research has shown that older people who exercise regularly have less fear of falling and improved balance and flexibility. It is important to choose the right exercise for you. Aerobic exercise can be extremely beneficial but it also requires a high level of stamina.

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Older people may not be able to do this on a regular basis; you should either build your stamina slowly or do a little of this no more than once a week. The best exercise routine will include some aerobic exercise, some strength training and a little work on balance and flexibility. The exact exercise should suit you and your body, but you will notice the benefits also immediately.

After a certain age many seniors won’t be able to manage on their own any longer. This means that they’ll be compelled to have an alternative. Nursing homes and professional healthcare facilities are the best; these look just like comfortable resorts and they’re packed with all kinds of activities; some facilities even have gyms so that you can strengthen your body and preserve your general well-being for as long as possible.

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