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How Pranic Healing helps to Get a Better and Longer Life

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Stress of work and responsibilities leave a person with a very disturbed lifestyle. Pollution and unsavoury work conditions along with junk food and bad habits lead you to feel constantly tired and fatigued. You tend to become more and more susceptible to minor ailments like cold and cough, and major diseases as well.

Pranic healing is an alternative healing technique which does not directly attack any disease or ailment that you may have, but rather focuses on the root of the problem; your mental well being. It is not a psychological healing technique, but believes that human beings have electromagnetic fields around them that directly affect their physical well being and this what the healing technique targets.

The Prana:

Pranic healing is an alternative practice which believes that all human beings are composed of prana or life giving energy. The prana is like an energy field around human beings which varies all around the body.

Pranic healing practitioners claim that the healer can manipulate this prana or energy and can help heal many ailments by channelizing the energy in different directions and working around energy pockets and efficiencies in a person’s body.

The Human Aura and Ailments:

The human aura is an electromagnetic field of energy around an individual which is affected not only by physical symptoms, but also by how the person is feeling mentally and emotionally.

With the stress of life, work and relationships, human beings experience a wide range of emotions such as sadness, happiness, fatigue and depression. All these emotions disturb the aura around the person and this is manifested in the physical body as body aches, headaches and ailments like diabetes and heart diseases.

Pranic healing believes in creating a balance between a person’s aura and his physical health. Many people take medications to get rid of physical symptoms, but Pranic healing uses its techniques to right the aura and tackle the root of the problem.

The Energy Body and the Chakra :

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Human beings are composed of two bodies: the physical body, which we can see and feel; and the ethereal energy body, which consists of the aura. These two bodies are interlinked and what happens in one, affects the other. Pranic healing focuses on both these bodies simultaneously and on the symbiotic relationship of these bodies.

This energy body is made up of energy centres and meridians. All these meridians form a large chakra which is made up of few smaller chakras that control the different organs of the body. These chakras also control the psychological health of a person and determine the character and personality traits.

Why Pranic healing?

Pranic healing believes in a symbiotic relationship between the physical body and the energy body. Following this thought, Pranic energy believes in two basic laws that govern all life forms in the universe.

The Law of Self Recovery:

The human body has the capability to heal itself on its own with no external medication. This is because of the symbiotic relationship with the energy body surrounding it. You may have noticed that when you have scrap or a burn, the body repairs itself without any external medication in a few days. Similarly, even with cough and cold and related ailments, the body can heal itself with no external help. Other major diseases and unhealthy lifestyles coupled with a distracted and stressed mind, lead to a weak energy body and this is when you need medicines to cure yourself. But you are only curing only symptom of the problem and not going to the root of it.

The Law of Life Energy:

Known as chi in many other systems of healing and prana in Pranic healing, according to this law, the human life needs to have a core to sustain itself. This core is the prana of the energy body. By improving the quality of this energy body, the healing process of the physical body can be improved ten folds and this leads to a much better quality of life.

How does Pranic Healing work?

Pranic healing believes that although the physical body of human beings might deplete with time, the energy body can always be replenished. The aura and the energy body, which is composed of chakras in a human being, mimic the energy body of the universe. Hence, channelling the universal energy body into the human energy body can replenish this energy source and help heal the physical and mental body as well.

During a Pranic healing session, the therapist asks the patient to lie down with his head facing the east and then gently moves his hands all over the body without touching the physical body. The healer is actually working on the energy body by channelling the universal energy into the human energy.

As all forces and aura in the universe align with the human energy body, the various chakras are simulated and rejuvenated. Slowly, the therapist then moves to different body parts and the smaller chakras to work on them. This process of moving from the whole body, to smaller chakras is then repeated seven times in a session.

Twin Hearts Meditation

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Pranic healing also has a twin heart meditation technique which is a method of removing negativity from all around you. This technique is a simple 20 minute exercise in which the patient is asked to relax and think about positive thoughts while blessing everything around.

The twin hearts technique believes that there is a twin like divine connection between a human being and the earth. By concentrating all our energy on blessing the Earth and focussing on all the positive aspects of the universe, we get to pull out negativity from our energy body and aura and this positivity starts to better our physical body as well. At the end of this twin heart technique, you end up a more revived and happy person and feel a sane calmness around you. You feel like you are at more peace with the world.

Benefits of Pranic Healing

One of the best things about Pranic healing is that at no point during the therapy, will the healer touch the patient. This method is not invasive and is known to help the patient a lot. Here are few benefits of Pranic healing:

  • A better sense of intuition as your mind becomes clear of the clutter surrounding you.
  • Your healing power increase including better resistance in your body and the ability to cope with ailments improves.
  • A clear mind leads to better thinking and stronger mental prowess.
  • Pranic healing leads to a better sense of inner peace and a calmness around you.
  • Your aura becomes brighter and the chakras become stronger which lead to better resistance and level of physical fitness.
  • You end up having a lot less stress to deal with.

Safety of Pranic Healing:

Pranic healing is a non invasive technique and one of the most safe ones when it comes to alternative healing techniques.

The healer channelizes the energy of the universe on the patients and does not let go of his own energy field. There are no medicines or other techniques used on the patient and everything in the healing process is done in the energy body field of the person.

The healer does not touch the patient and often, the patient is encouraged to attain a level of concentration and meditation on his/her own, hence improving the mental prowess in the process of healing.

Pranic healing is a new age alternative healing technique derived from age old beliefs and with its non invasive techniques, is a very safe therapy to try!

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