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Things You Could Do for Your Breasts Today

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Dear women, how well do you think you know your body? Do you know every freckle, lump, bump or bruise is there? Your breasts are extremely sensitive, and they should receive your full attention.

Take Good Care of Them

Once you decide to eat healthy food and get regular exercise, it is not just for you to be slim and feel better about yourself, but it also affects the health of your breasts. The fact is that the more weight you have the more estrogen there is to create numerous lumps on your body.

After you have stepped into your teen years, do not forget to do regular self-exam, every month, on the first day of the cycle. Try to feel with the tip of your fingers if there are any abnormalities, but do not be afraid if you do feel something. Just check if there is the same thing on the other one, as it might be a harmless enlarged lymph node.

Many women also feel an unpleasant pain from time to time, and it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong. To avoid it, you simply need to make sure that you are wearing a proper bra, the one that fits your body. It might sound silly, but you should consult with an expert, as research has shown that women most often by the ones too small. Finally, from time to time, do not forget to let them breathe. Whenever you are home alone, set them free and go braless.

Interesting Facts

You have probably heard that there are exercises you can do to make your breast bigger. I will have to disappoint you, as there is no such thing. There are no muscles in your breast, just the ones underneath them, and targeting them does not affect the size.

Another interesting thing is that genes do not play such big role when it comes to the volume of your chest. So if a mother has bigger breasts, it does not mean the daughter will to, as it mostly depends on their weight, pregnancy, and many other factors.

Funny fact is that a third nipple is not so rare. Many people have it, and they do not even notice it as it most commonly looks like any other mole on their body. Doctors are able to recognize it, and they will tell you that there is no harm caused by it.


Very often women can discover lumps on their breasts, but should not really worry about each and every one of them, as most turn out to be benign cyst. They are common with women in premenopausal period, but just to be sure, they should have them checked by a doctor. However, a risk of breast cancer increases as you age, and you should go to regular check ups. Sometimes it happens that if the cancer is in late phases, you might be in need for surgery. In that case, the surgeon might have to remove one or both breasts, and then you can turn to cosmetic surgeon for breast implants if you wish to hide both, and forget that you ever had a problem of such kind. But to avoid going to this stressful period at all, pay at least an annual visit to your doctor and a gynecologist, as they will be able to discover if there are any anomalies in their early phases.

Most important tip for the end: if you have no family history with breast cancer, it does not mean that you will not have one. Genes do play a big role, but not in every case. If all women in your family had it, you should pay closer attention to your breast and have regular check-ups, but you should definitely avoid unnecessary panic.

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