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How to Get Rid Of Gas Pains: 18 Ways

Gas Pains
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Trapped gas can be extremely uncomfortable causing severe stomach pains, nausea and embarrassing belching and flatulence. Some of the main causes of excess gas are diet (including food and drinks), medical conditions, medications, smoking and pregnancy. Because of the amount of different causes, there are a number of ways to try and treat the problem. If it’s causing interruptions in you daily activities here are some simple home remedies, to try and relieve that gassy bloated feeling that many of us experience.

Lemon Water

Drinking water with added lemon is a good habit to get into as it helps with the breakdown of food in your body which can contribute to a reduction in bloating and gas. It’s a great detoxifier and is simple and easy to make; just add 2 to three lemon wedges or a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice to your RDA of water.


This soothing herb is great for settling your stomach due to its chemical components. Gingerols and shgaols are said to relax inflammation and intestinal track and the ginger root can be used to reduce gas, bloating and flatulence. Adding it to your meals or drinking ginger tea will help with supporting a healthy digestion and prevent any embarrassing flatulence you may be experiencing.

Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics can help to eliminate problematic bacteria and studies have shown that those who have taken it reported significantly reduced gastrointestinal problems. Probiotic are also particularly good for those with IBS as they can reduce inflammation and intestinal damage. In the form of both liquid and capsules this supplement is usually best taken in the morning before food.


Used regularly for medicinal purposes charcoal is particularly effective for fast relief of gas pains. It’s believed that its adsorbent properties attract and gather intestinal gas therefore eliminating bloating and pain. 520-975 mg is recommended after meals for those taking it for gas problems.

Chamomile Tea

Known for its relaxing and sedative properties chamomile tea has a calming effect on the body and has been recommended for digestive problems which may be related to stress. It is recommended to drink 1/2 cup up to five times a day.

Peppermint Tea

Not only is this tea delicious and refreshing but it can have positive effects on sufferers of bloating and gas. It has relaxant and antispasmodic properties to help it the passage of food and to relieve discomfort. Replace your normal cups of tea throughout the day with this herbal healer.


Antacids can help to neutralize stomach acid which can produce excess gas in the body. They can be helpful when taken in capsule or a chewable tablet form after meals.


Simple as it may sound plain water can help with sufferers of gas and bloating as it flushes out the digestive system. Simply drinking your RDA of water each day can help with painful gas problem; The EFSA recommends that women should drink around 1.6 litres a day and men 2 litres a day.

Heating Pad

Heating pads are great for instant relief of abdominal pains and discomfort. The heat from the pads relaxes muscles and can help to move gas through the intestines quicker so it can be vented appropriately. Try applying your heating pad to your stomach for around 20 minutes until the pain has decreased. If you don’t have one try a hot water bottle instead as this will have the same effect.


Garlic is very versatile, tasty and can be added to many evening meals. It can stimulate the gastric system and can provide fast relief from trapped wind. Try making a yummy garlic soup or taking a daily garlic supplement.


Some forms of exercise can be good especially for those who regularly have trapped wind. The twisting and turning movements in Yoga and moves such as the downward dog can help untrap that painful gas. Try out some different yoga moves for around 15 minutes a day or whenever you experience pain.

To Avoid: 

There are also a number of things that sufferers of painful gas and bloating should avoid to prevent it from occurring including:

Dairy – Especially if you are sensitive to lactose products.

Fizzy Drinks –  Can cause a build-up of excess gas in your stomach.

Processed Carbs – These can be hard for your digestive system to recognise causing difficulties when breaking it down.

Beans – Bean are notorious for producing excessive gas in the body so make sure you’re not eating too many if your prone to gas.

Starchy Foods – These are hard for your body to break down as they are high in carbohydrates.

Sweeteners – Can cause bloating as it’s difficult to digest.

Overeating – One of the most common causes of bloating; try eating smaller portions.

Try the above mentioned remedies. Let us know the results. Do you know any other remedies that’s helped to get rid of Gas pains? Comment below.

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