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Health Benefits of Choosing the Organic Lifestyle

It is rather difficult for the most of us, especially in the holiday season, to refrain from the purposely-addicting junk food that jumps so easily in our mouth. Ok, we take it willingly. What we basically do is trade brief pleasure for the lengthy period of regret.

As the famous comedian Louis CK says in his act,

The meal is not over when I’m full, the meal is over when I hate myself.

The behavior that follows is a guild-ridden trip to the gym and excessive attempts to redeem the fault we have done to our body. Why shock our system with the occasional excursions to the health world when we can offer the very best we know, the organic food and lifestyle.

Organic Farming

organic rice

When we say organic, what comes to mind first to many people is organic food. We are going to break it down for you. The base of organic food is organic farming. This agricultural method encompasses the use of natural and eco-conscious techniques to obtain the munchable goods. Some of these are crop rotation, bio pest control and the treatments with compost and green manure.

Organic Food

The study of Swiss Scientific Foundation found out that our frequent consumption of processed and non-nutritive substances (it’s hard to call them food) has made us more prone to wide range of allergies. They particularly singled out the fact that the allergic asthma occurrences have increased in the past half of century. The main culprit is the absence of fermentable fibers in our meals that helps stave off allergy-induced inflammatory processes. Embrace organic veggies and fruit for the most beneficial results to your health.

organic food

Eco Benefits

What goes hand in hand with organic food is the environmental care. Organic farming demands limited use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This aids to the regeneration of arable land which has been constantly exposed to many toxic industrial produces.

Adverse Effects of Non-Organic Methods

Another research on food additives and contaminants in 2014 states something big corporation turn a blind eye on. The awful truth is that the highly processed food packaging contained dangerous chemicals connected to cancer and fertility problems.

Organic Clothes: What is that?

Nowadays, organic is an adjective added to the things you wear as well. Many of you may not know that there’s clothes labelled organic, made of natural materials through the course of environmentally friendly procedures. Cotton, soy, linen and especially bamboo clothing, all demonstrate resilience and strength superior to their non-organic counterparts.

organic girl

Organic Clothes Advantages

The clothes made of fibers created from the organic materials last longer, as their composition makes them more durable and tear-proof than the conventional fabrics. Hemp is impervious to mold and offensive smell, bamboo pieces are both solid and silky to the touch, soy is highly absorbent material, and ramie doesn’t shrink after wash. Naturally procured materials come first in virtually every aspect of quality item and eco-friendly practice.

The Earth and Us

earth and us

Don’t wait too long to get involved in the process of organic style of living. Primarily, the food will do wonders for your body, inside and out. The organic wardrobe will last for ages, and the feel on the skin is certifiably amazing and light. The most fulfilling part is knowing we are protecting our lovely planet and preserving it for the new kids to come.

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