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How to get Relief from Acidity – Home Remedies

It’s hard to find the luckiest person on Earth who hasn’t suffered from Acidity. relief from acidity

Heal City suggests that, those who suffers from frequent acidity problems they should drink a lot of fresh Water regularly and take less spicy, fat-less Bland Diet.

Side by side people suffering from Acidity can also try any one or two of the below given Home Remedies :

  • Chew and digest 2-3 Basil leaves in empty stomach before breakfast.
  • It’s good to add chilled fat-less Buttermilk as a menu in your lunch or dinner.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Ginger juice,1 teaspoon of Lime juice, 2 tablespoon of pure Honey with 1 glass of Warm Water and drink it in empty stomach early in the morning for a couple of weeks.
  • Mix 1 raw Potato juice in 1 cup of cold Water and drink it.
  • If you face acidity problem after taking heavy rich meals, mix half teaspoon of Baking Powder in 1 glass of Drinking Water and drink it for quick healing – though, this remedy should not be tried regularly.
  • Acidity sufferers can also take half cup of Aloe Vera juice before taking food.
  • Juice of Cabbage and Celery leaves are excellent for healing Acidity.
  • Ripe Banana, Grape and Apple acts as good remedy for Acidity as these fruits are rich in Potassium.
  • Patients those who are suffering from Chronic Acidity problem can eat 3 to 4 fresh Margosa leaves daily in empty stomach before breakfast. It’s also essential to drink a lot of water for patients of Chronic Acidity.

Let us know if you get relief from Acidity after trying any 1 or 2 of the above healing tips. If you know any other home remedies for Acidity share with us. All suggestions are gladly accepted by Heal City.

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