6 Amazing Skincare Benefits Of Drinking More Water

Glowing Skin

Much has been told about how taking or drinking a lot or enough water has good or positive impacts on the skin. It is advisable to moisturize the skin as it makes it look more radiant as compared to the lack of moisturizing. The essence of water for a healthy skin is thus clear to many. It is thus important ... Read More »

Easy Ways An Edmonton Resident Can Relieve Stress


For most people, dealing with stress on a daily basis is a normal occurrence. Having too much stress in your daily life can cause a variety of different problems and can cause health complications. Finding ways to relieve the stress a person has should be a top priority and something that they take very seriously. Neglecting to take action regarding ... Read More »

Things to Ask During a Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon


Keeping your appearance looking its best as the effects of aging begin to show up can be hard. There are a number of things that a person can do when trying to get the right help for their physical appearance. Among the most effective ways that a person can get their youthful appearance back is by getting plastic surgery. Choosing ... Read More »

A Look At The Threat And Scope Of MERS


There’s a new flu-based virus being decried as the world’s next big bio-threat, but how dangerous is it? MERS, which has just appeared in South Korea where it has claimed seven lives so far, infected 95, and keeps more than 2,800 people in quarantine. Over 2,000 Korean schools are currently closed. Once again, images of people wearing masks in public, ... Read More »

Myriad Of Health Benefits Regular Exercise Provides To Elderly

elderly health benefits that regular exercise provides

Exercise is seen as a critical part of your well being; it is something that goes hand in hand with a well balanced, nutritious diet. However, as you age there is a natural deterioration of the joints and muscles in the body. This leads to the question of whether exercise in the over sixty fives should be promoted, or whether ... Read More »

What To Expect In a Colonoscopy

a colonoscopy

It’s safe to say that a colonoscopy isn’t sitting near the top of your list of ideal ways to spend an afternoon. While it is a valuable and sometimes necessary procedure, that doesn’t make it enjoyable. However, the experience doesn’t have to be as miserable as you think and most people find that they had built it up in their ... Read More »

Best Foot Forward: Keeping Active With Foot Injuries

exercising with foot injuries

Working out with a broken foot isn’t the easiest thing, but there are still ways to get a good workout with a broken foot or sprained ankle. It’s possible to have a broken foot and continue with your normal exercise routine, but it’s not as simple as you might think. Not being able to exercise due to foot injury or ... Read More »

7 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You

Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You

Ever since we were children we were taught that eating too much sugar is bad for us. But how bad is it actually? Experts say that there is a variety of reasons why consuming too much sugar or sugary foods is bad for our metabolism. Here you will see what negative effects sugar actually has on our bodies and what ... Read More »

What To Look For In A Used Endoscope

Used Endoscope

Medical equipment is very expensive and many practices have opted to purchases used equipment in order to save on costs. If you’re in the market for a used endoscope, you likely have some concerns as for what to look for and what kind of quality to expect. The good news is that used endoscopes, when properly refurbished, are just as ... Read More »

Volunteering With Children

Volunteering With Children

Very few decisions someone can make will be as rewarding as the one to volunteer with children. For those with kids of their own, it can provide another place to strengthen bonds around common interests with them. For those that don’t have young children and subsequently a lot more free time (joking.. but probably true), signing up to work with ... Read More »