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5 Ways Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Libido

5 Ways Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Libido


We all want to have a healthy libido, but sometimes circumstances can conspire to cause a drop in our desire to have sex. If this has happened to you, rest assured you’re not alone. Lots of people experience reduced sex drives from time to time, and sometimes this problem persists for prolonged periods. In certain cases, a diminished sex drive is caused by an underlying medical problem. However, it’s often the result of people’s lifestyles. Here are five ways in which your routine can affect your libido.

1) Alcohol and Drugs

When taken in excess, alcohol can lower people’s sex drives. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to limit your intake to three to four units if you’re a man and two to three if you’re a woman. Bear in mind that too much drink can also prevent men from getting an erection. Although there are various erectile dysfunction treatments available now, it is best to tackle the source of the problem by reducing alcohol intake.

On a related point, the abuse of illegal drugs such as cocaine can lead to a lower sexual appetite.

2) Lack of Exercise 

Many people lead sedentary lives these days, and this can take its toll on their sex lives. When people are unfit, they may feel less inclined to have sex. Also, being out of shape can reduce individuals’ confidence levels, putting them off physical intimacy. In some cases, it can make them feel unhappy more generally. In turn, this may lower their sex drives.

3) Stress

Stress is a big problem for many people. Work and family commitments, money troubles and other issues can have a big impact on individuals’ health and wellbeing. When under pressure, people produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. Our body need cortisol, but if elevated levels of it are produced for a prolonged period of time, it can suppress sex hormones.

4) Exhaustion

On a related point, it’s common for people to find that after a hard day, they are simply too tired to think about sex. By the time they reach their beds, they simply want to fall asleep. A study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that a quarter of married or cohabiting Americans claimed they are so deprived of sleep that they’re often too tired to have sex.

5) Smoking

It may seem ironic given the association often made between smoking and sex often on TV and in films, but smoking may contribute to a reduced sex drive too. One of the reasons for this is the fact that people can feel less attractive and therefore less confident if they smell of smoke, meaning they shy away from sex. Also, smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction because it damages the blood supply to the penis. Experiencing problems like this can make men less inclined to attempt sex.

If you think any of these lifestyle factors may be reducing your sex drive, it may be worth making some changes to your routine.

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